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Testimonials: Testimonials

The best of the best! I was shocked when I first tried the almond milk. You can taste the difference between Moo Free and the grocery store. Moo Free is the freshest almond milk ive ever tasted. I also didn't notice they were all the way in Oakville. It's delightful they take the time to deliver all over the Durham Region. I can't recommend this place more, give it a try.


This business is incredible. They have lots of zero waste options and fun premade items like. baked goods and meals. The dairy free milk options are the best milks I've ever tried, dairy or otherwise. Customer service is wonderful too!

Heather Grainger-Frost

Amazing products and customer service! Pure and simple ingredients, incredibly tasty plant-based milks in recyclable glass bottles (the old-fashioned way), and fast and friendly delivery. They have other pantry and prepared food offerings as well. A wonderful family based business all around.

Kelly Smith

We love their coconut and cashew milks, they are yummy, fresh and clean. I order from them regularly for over a year and we've always had a great experience.

Liza Ziniuk

Absolutely best dairy alternative beverage I've had! Plus they deliver!

Erin Bechtel

I bought coconut milk, this is by far the best coconut milk I have had, LOVE IT!!!

Hayley Kerr

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